Christmas '22 Collection

Nodspark is pleased to share our year end’s most anticipated launch: Our 2022 Christmas Gifting Nail Wraps! Focusing onthe mix of bold colours, nudes, and glitter, we bring you an array of manicure styles to suit different preferences.

With Christmas coming up, what better gift to give to a friend, than the gift of time?
Wheat Colour Chart
Tiffany Twist
Lavender Frosty
Candy Pastel Colour Chart
Sold Out
Cupcake Sprinkles (Petite)
Light Up the Sky
Sold Out
Poppy Petals (Petite)
Poppy Petals
Maroon Gold Fingers
Gold Sand
Cupcake Sprinkles
Disposable Nail File
Nodspark Christmas Greeting Cards
Nodspark Gift Box