Everyday Range

We have fixed your nails, now let's fix those lashes!

When soft magnetic technology meets traditional eyelashes - it is redefining beauty with science. Experience instant lashes on demand with this revolutionary MLEN Magnetic Lashes!

Give your eyes a put-together effect that is perfect for day-to-day wear. This range provide a natural look while still giving you an eye-catching boost of length and volume!

Remember, practice makes perfect!

This is a backorder. Please purchase this only if you are agreeable to the estimated waiting time. The stocks are estimated to arrive at our office at end OctoberIf you have ordered this with other products, we will send out the whole order together.

[BO2] Everyday Diana
[BO2] Everyday Kelly
[BO2] Everyday Ember
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[BO2] Everyday Natalie
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[BO2] Everyday Saffron
Lash Setting Essence
Lash Applicator
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