LOD: Party Range

We have fixed your nails, now let's fix those lashes!

When soft magnetic technology meets traditional eyelashes - it is redefining beauty with science. Experience instant lashes on demand with this revolutionary MLEN Magnetic Lashes!

Sometimes, you just need to take that party look up a notch. These party look lashes are the perfect addition to your full-makeup arsenal. The lashes are styled to create a dramatic lash line, whether you're whipping out that camera for some selfies or gracing the red carpet at an award show.

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Remember, practice makes perfect!

Please take note that some styles are on backorder, as differentiated in the title. Eg. BO9 - Ember. Please purchase this only if you are agreeable to the estimated waiting time in the product listing. If you have ordered items on backorder with other products, we will send out the whole order together.

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