Beyond Packaging

Upcycling our packaging has been an ongoing passion project for us at Nodspark. The question we always ask ourselves is — how can we inject new life into our packaging and reduce wastage? Acknowledging the problem of single-use packaging, our team took this seriously as project to look into, and see what we could do. After a year of development, we are proud to present Beyond Packaging.

A 3-step Transformation

Our idea was to craft something beyond a single–use packaging. Our new packaging now transforms into a functional box with just 3 simple steps:


One box, Many uses

Modifying what we already had, we focused on making small but thoughtful differences in our packaging. Be it a container to store trinkets, a box for loose coins, a mini shelf insert to sort your herbs, or a portable food bin, we encourage our community to stretch our packaging beyond its initial use of just being a product packaging.

Through our new Nodspark packaging, we hope that this change, albeit small, will encourage others in our community make small changes to their processes and leave smaller carbon footprints in the daily consumption!

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