• Bunny Binky

Bunny Binky

Bunnies are lovable creatures; they look cute and cuddly but before you buy or get one on impulse, do know that the lifespan of rabbits can go up to 10 years and beyond. They are for life.

We are proud to support the House Rabbit Society of Singapore (HRSS) , an all-volunteer and non-profit organisation which is dedicated to the welfare of rabbits. We are constantly encouraged by their efforts to spread awareness and in turn, reducing the number of unwanted rabbits in Singapore through education.

Spread the love and the massage by purchasing this set and let the design be a conversational starter even! Full profits go to supporting their cause.

How it looks on other nails:



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*Pictures taken with top coat applied for the extra gloss and smoothness
*Please note that colours on screen may vary due to the lighting and colour resolution of different screens