OHIOHOO Chiffon Mousse Lip Color

  • $20.70
  • $23.00


With Chiffon Mousse Lip Colour, you can get the perfect smudged-lips look with long lasting wear.

New Mousse Texture

The soft mousse texture adheres to the lips without clumping, with the edges smudging naturally, creating three-dimensional lips.


Light like Chiffon 

Just like a thin and transparent chiffon fabric, it feels light and comfortable on the lips. 


Versatile Shades

Because the whiteness and the fluorescent-ness have been minimised, it looks good on anyone regardless of their skin tone. 

Long lasting wear

The light texture adheres to the lips, and has a fixing and lasting power that does not disappear even when you drink coffee or water.

EWG Green graded ingredients

EWG (Environmental Working Group) ingredients like sunflower seed oil & avocado oil keep lips soft & hydrated


Point Edge Shape - For precise application

Made in Korea