• Pastel Garden (Nodspark x Parade of Love)
  • Pastel Garden (Nodspark x Parade of Love)
  • Pastel Garden (Nodspark x Parade of Love)

Pastel Garden (Nodspark x Parade of Love)

  • $15.00

From soft blush to oh-so-delicate florals, Pastel Garden takes you straight from the desk to a garden party! Pastel Garden is a design collaboration with Roanna Tan, who goes by the handle @ParadeofLove on Instagram. 

Showcasing some behind-the-scenes work from Roanna, who used eye shadow and eyeliner on paper to for this collaboration, before the team at Nodspark translate it digitally onto our medium- the nail wraps. 

Roanna is a self-proclaimed 'beauty junkie', who has been creating make-up swatches at #ParadeofSwatches for the longest time. We are delighted to translate Roanna's creativity (using beauty products) onto our canvas for everyone to enjoy!  


About Parade of Love | A marketer by day, beauty blogger by night! Parade of Love is literally a parade of all the things she loves, focusing on skincare and makeup reviews, tips and tricks. Read more about her here.

Check out some of her works here!

*Pictures taken with top coat applied for the extra gloss and smoothness
*Please note that colours on screen may vary due to the lighting and colour resolution of different screens
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