Quintessential Clutch Bundle (UP. $189)

  • $148.00

We can't be happier to rejoice with this timely collaboration piece with Quintessential. They are beautifully unique, and proudly local. Quintessential is an accessory house located at Mandarin Gallery that's famed for their hand sewn beaded clutch bags.

Extracting the artwork from two of their original designs, we played around with the colours and motifs, and placed them onto our nail wraps. As the beaded bags are heavy on design and colours, we purposefully made the detail on the nails to be more delicate.

The Quintessential Floral Clutch includes:

The Quintessential Space Clutch** includes:

Body: Hand sewn with a mix of glass beads & sequins.
Lining: Polyester/Satin Blend
Interior: 1 open pocket, Length – 4.5”/11.5cm.
Measurements: 10.6” (L) x 6.7” (H) / 27cm x 17cm (Closed) 10.6” (L) x 11.4” (H) / 27cm x 29cm (Opened).


About Quintessential Quintessential was started in 2004 to offer a decidedly-different shopping experience to customers. It is an accessory house dedicated to diverse femininity, raw functionality and effortless cool. Reacting against the cookie-cutter sameness that pervaded every mall in Singapore, Quintessential pioneered ordering single-units and seldom repeating brands and designs, giving every customer a feeling of exclusivity at a non-exclusive price.

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