Space (Nodspark x Quintessential)

On the gloomiest of days, rock out a sparkly galaxy on your nails. Its blue and gold foil accents glimmer sharply against the dark sky, a glorious reminder that only the darkest nights produce the brightest stars.

Get the exclusive bundle set that comes with both Quintessential collaboration sets and the matching clutch in either Floral or Space here, priced at SGD 148 (UP SGD 189)


About Quintessential Quintessential was started in 2004 to offer a decidedly-different shopping experience to customers. It is an accessory house dedicated to diverse femininity, raw functionality and effortless cool. Reacting against the cookie-cutter sameness that pervaded every mall in Singapore, Quintessential pioneered ordering single-units and seldom repeating brands and designs, giving every customer a feeling of exclusivity at a non-exclusive price.

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*Pictures taken with top coat applied for the extra gloss and smoothness
*Please note that colours on screen may vary due to the lighting and colour resolution of different screens