One who has Nodspark on her nails, all day, every day.

Raw testimonials, as seen on instagram

  • "The nail wrap is a new religion, Iā€™m a convert omg. They are so durable!!! I'll buy this for my girl friends for a little weekend activity together for sure!"
    - @bbymunchkinn
  • "The best quick fix ever. Thank you Nodspark!"
    - @helloninja
  • "Nodspark gave me some glamour when I almost had none"
    - @ting_gg
  • "Watching #netflix while doing my #nodspark nails when the baby is napping. #SGMOM"
    - @_mrschia_
  • "I had normal polish on, but there was a chip or two. So I used the stickers as an interim solution till my next pedicure session!"
    - @sightsmelltaste
  • "Like the real deal"
    - @kaiwenleow
  • "Smudged my freshly painted nails while opening the door! No time to remove and repaint them, so I covered the bad ones with Nodspark's Clear Polka Dots nail wraps. TADAA! YAY to Nodspark!
    - @blackeyelapin
  • Would 100% recommend Nodspark because 1) The quality is amazing 2) It's super easy to apply 3) They last at least 10 days 4) The designs are so cute
    - @thenoisylove
  • "10 mins and I was done"
    - @jeanfrancine
  • "Nodspark lasts me up to 14 days so I'm so glad to be dressing my nails in them again! They NEVER disappoint."
    - @themistermineko
  • "First try with Nodspark's DIY nail stickers, very easy to apply and so much cheaper than gel nail art"
    - @wanru_13


One who always brings her stash of Nodspark around, sharing the love with friends and family


One who has all the sold-out designs in her stash, and more.