Raw testimonials, as seen on instagram

  • "The best quick fix ever. Thank you Nodspark!"
    - @helloninja
  • "Nodspark gave me some glamour when I almost had none"
    - @ting_gg
  • "Watching #netflix while doing my #nodspark nails when the baby is napping. #SGMOM"
    - @_mrschia_
  • "I had normal polish on, but there was a chip or two. So I used the stickers as an interim solution till my next pedicure session!"
    - @sightsmelltaste
  • "Like the real deal"
    - @kaiwenleow
  • "Smudged my freshly painted nails while opening the door! No time to remove and repaint them, so I covered the bad ones with Nodspark's Clear Polka Dots nail wraps. TADAA! YAY to Nodspark!
    - @blackeyelapin
  • Would 100% recommend Nodspark because 1) The quality is amazing 2) It's super easy to apply 3) They last at least 10 days 4) The designs are so cute
    - @thenoisylove
  • "10 mins and I was done"
    - @jeanfrancine
  • "Nodspark lasts me up to 14 days so I'm so glad to be dressing my nails in them again! They NEVER disappoint."
    - @themistermineko
  • "First try with Nodspark's DIY nail stickers, very easy to apply and so much cheaper than gel nail art"
    - @wanru_13


One who has Nodspark on her nails, all day, every day.


One who always brings her stash of Nodspark around, sharing the love with friends and family


One who has all the sold-out designs in her stash, and more.