• | Sophia Ho

    Beyond Packaging: Our Year-long Journey

    Being sustainable has always been a goal close to our hearts. One thing is for sure: the beauty industry is not pretty when it comes to its waste. Nodspark too, has a long way to go, but as a growing, homegrown brand, we have been taking special steps toreducing our impact on our environment,... View Post
  • | Kimberly Chan

    Fuss Free Manicures at Home for Different Occasions

    This article was written in collaboration with Jiayan Chiu from Cardable. Find out more at the end of the article. Self-care comes in many forms and to some of us, it might mean having a set of beautiful nails. It is amazing how well-groomed nails could do wonders for one’s mood and confidence, ... View Post
  • | Cheryl Lie

    7 Beauty Gifts We're Swooning Over

    This year end, when so many of us all around the world are finding shopping an increasingly stressful affair, we're helping you round up our top beauty favourites which we've curated in our online Nodspark Marketplace. We've saved you the trouble of analysing the thousand items on beauty aisles (... View Post

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