• | Cheryl Lie

    Nodspark's Makeover!

    We're thrilled to have unveiled our revamped website. Let us show you around...  The magic of Nodspark is really in our lovely community of Nodspark Addicts, and that's why we started a Blog Page to feature organic customers like you! In case you missed it, here are how some 7 ladies manage sever... View Post
  • | Cheryl Lie

    Gift Guide: Don't Wait for Mother's Day to Tell Her You Love Her!

    This gift guide is for your mom, or the mother figures in your life -- or your wife! (Husbands, are you reading?)    Gifts Under $50 Because a 10-minute DIY manicure would make her heart sing -- Okay, we're biased. But efficient products are the holy grail these days. Nodspark Mother's Day Set:... View Post
  • | Cheryl Lie

    Celebrating Nodspark Women Part 2

    A continuation from our International Women’s Day feature, we invited our Nodspark community to share peeks of their lives, and how Nodspark fits perfect in their busy schedules. Here are 4 amazing ladies...  View Post

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