• | Cheryl Lie

    5 Ways to Prioritise Yourself this Valentine's Day

    When was the last time you practised self-love as a habit? We're not talking about offering yourself some TLC once a year on your birthday. Self-love should be practised as a habit, for the more we love and care for ourselves, the easier it is for us to extend love and patience to others. This Va... View Post
  • | Cheryl Lie

    CNY 2020: The Finishing Touch Pairings

    With all the last minute shopping you're doing for the Lunar New Year, here's some wardrobe inspiration to help you look effortlessly put together. We've paired some of our favourite local labels with our Nodspark CNY 2020 Collection.  Our Beautiful Collaboration with I Want The Missing Piece S... View Post
  • | Cheryl Lie

    Counting our Blessings in these 2 Years

    She's the sweetest lady that you always see behind Nodspark's pop-up booths --- Eugenia Ye-Yeo --- mom of two little ones, and boss lady behind Nodspark, shares snippets of her journey building Nodspark, and how being a mother has given her some multitasking superpowers.    Nodspark ha... View Post

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