• | Sophia Ho

    Lashes on Demand: Know-hows

    New to Lashes on Demand? Take a look at these quick tips to get you up to speed on getting them lashes on! View Post
  • | Eugenia Ye

    Nodspark's Christmas Gift Guide 2022

    We've made a shopping list in hopes to make your shopping experience a lot easier this Christmas! Have a friend who ain't got the time for any beauty salons? We're here to make an impression for your gifting needs.  View Post
  • | Kimberly Chan

    5 Nail Colours To Go With Every Outfit

    Trendy nail polish colours come and go (as with every fashion season), but there are definitely certain shades that you should always have by your side. Our list below shows you that you can have amazing mani-pedis done within minutes, in the comforts of your home.   White It's the go-to shade th... View Post

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