• | Kimberly Chan

    5 Nail Colours To Go With Every Outfit

    Trendy nail polish colours come and go (as with every fashion season), but there are definitely certain shades that you should always have by your side. Our list below shows you that you can have amazing mani-pedis done within minutes, in the comforts of your home.   White It's the go-to shade th... View Post
  • | Kimberly Chan

    A Teacher's Day Gift Guide by Nodspark

    With Teacher's Day right around the corner, you might have been too busy to prepare gifts for some of the most important people in your (or your child's) life! As Nodspark prides ourself on our quick, fuss-free options, we also have a curation of self-care products that we love and highly recomme... View Post
  • | Kimberly Chan

    Top 3 Tips For Healthy Nails

    Having beautiful nails takes more than just a manicure (and gorgeous nail wraps of course!). Being consistent in your daily nail routine is just as important as skincare! Here are some tips from us that we find super useful to keeping your nail health in check.   1. Trim Nails Often Trimming your... View Post

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