• | Kimberly Chan

    Nodspark Nail Wraps — Beginner Tips

    Starting something new is always daunting, but it always gets easier from there. As the saying goes, "Practice makes Perfect" — it goes the same for Nodspark's nail wraps. To help ease your way into this DIY manicure, we've put together some simple steps and tips to get you started. Let's go! STE... View Post
  • | Kimberly Chan

    #breakthebias with Nodspark

    An International Women's Day Feature  As the month of March comes to a close, we down to our final IWD feature, with none other than the team at Nodspark!   Our 2022 IWD Campaign mission that we adopted from the International Women’s Day website (out of their many missions), is to forge inclusiv... View Post
  • | Kimberly Chan

    #breakthebias with The Missing Piece

    An International Women's Day Feature On top of celebrating the accomplishments of women in the workplace, our team at Nodspark wanted to highlight the importance of having a healthy work environment that supports women as well. We felt that showcasing the different work environments might create ... View Post

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