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#InspiringInclusion with Pek Lay Peng, CEO of Shingda Construction & Society A

An International Women's Day 2024 Special | #InspiringInclusion: Women in Leadership 


As we celebrate International Women's Day this week, we are honoured to highlight three remarkable ladies in our midst who are not only valued customers at Nodspark, but respected leaders in their own fields. 

We sincerely hope that with each of the lady's shared experiences navigating the complexities at work, that they will serve as a beacon of inspiration for all women out there to pursue their aspirations with confidence.


1. Could you give an introduction of who you are and what you do for work?  

I wear many hats and I am powered by purpose and impact. From construction industry to fashion/beauty retail industry, I believe in all my brands’ purpose.


2. Can you share a moment in your life or career where being a woman presented challenges, and how did you overcome them?

Coming from a family where I am 3rd generation in the construction industry, I must say I have been blessed to have an ecosystem that have been positive even for a female like me. I believe in being practical and having actions speaking louder than words. Looking back, I do find that values like humility, courage, confidence and empathy helped in shaping my people skills.

To me, people is the most important asset of any family/team/company, hence expectations/communications have to be clear and transparent to build trust in the relationship.

(Lay Peng is also the owner of Society A, a curated store for independent SEA fashion designers) 


3. What advice would you give to young women who aspire to pursue their dreams, but have barriers to navigate through and break in a traditionally male-dominated field?

I would say to look for the right mentor or boss who would help shape your formative years in the corporate world, and also to help open doors for the right opportunities.

Some don’t find it natural but when you are young to do so, but don’t be afraid to do heavy lifting and perform tasks that are not “scoped”. I do find that other than the work itself, what is important to me is how I am seen or understood as a person. The ability and willingness to “DO” will set you apart and hone your soft skills which comes into play as you rise up the ranks to be a leader.


4. As a woman in your position, what kind of culture do you try to set in place to have a positive impact on inspiring inclusion at the workspace?

At our workplace, whether a man or a woman, we don’t differentiate opportunities. Also we believe in the synergy of the team mindset to create culture/ethics/standards/communication style. I would like individuals to explore personal development to understand themselves better which will positively impact their other areas of life such as the workplace.


Fun Questions:


1. What is your favourite Nodspark product?

The nail wraps! 

(Lay Peng seen wearing a #nodsparkmashup using different nail wrap sets)


2. What about Nodspark have you found to be impactful? 

It is fuss free 😊


3. Anything last words you'll like share with our community out there? 

May your inner light always shine positively!


On behalf of the team at Nodspark, we thank you so much, Lay Peng, for your time! 

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