About Us

That's right! We love having beautiful nails, but could do without the fuss. While we can get away with painting our own nails on some days, it is frustrating having to deal with being helpless and immobile while waiting for the polish to dry. 

We like that Nodspark's nail polish wraps are scentless, comes with zero drying time, and have a professional finish. You can choose to use the pre-set style that comes with each individual Nodspark set, or mix and match styles from different design sets to suit your creative style. 

Nodspark is for the woman who has many hats to wear; the career woman with limited time; the SAHMs with few opportunities to head out; the fun ladies who dig pretty nails; or simply those who can't paint in a straight line to save their lives. With all that Nodspark has to offer, it is the smarter choice.

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