Nodspark Usage

  • Can I shower right after a Nodspark application? 
We'd say best to do your Nodspark application after your shower, as the nail wraps take time to fully adhere to your nails. 

  • How many applications does one packet of nail wraps provide? 
You may use it between one to two times, depending on the size and length of your nails.

  • How can I make my nail wrap last longer?

​We recommend that you apply a good top coat after application of the nail wraps. In our experience, it can last up to 10 days and longer. Our recommended time of usage for the nail wraps is until 14 days. Beyond that, it might be more challenging to remove the nail wraps.

If you are planning to wear the wraps past 14 days, we suggest to put a base coat before application to protect your nail from moist going under the nail wrap over time.

  • How do I remove the nail wraps?

The best way to remove the warp is using regular nail polish remover to take them off. 

  • Top coats that don't work with Nodspark Nail Wraps (from ours and customers' experience)-
​Seche Vite Top Coat