• | Cheryl Lie

    Team Nodspark - Little Joys at Home

    Like everyone else, Team Nodspark has been busy adjusting to our new, extraordinary circumstances. Who could have imagined that many months down the road with the Circuit Breaker and post-Circuit Breaker, we are all becoming homebodies with secret hobbies! Hands up if you've gotten cosy with a ne... View Post
  • | Cheryl Lie

    Universally Flattering Nails

    "My nails are too ugly for Nodspark," said no one ever. As real, multi-hyphenate women ourselves, we know that me-time is a luxury. Few of us have so much time on our hands to explore which nail extensions and techniques could best accentuate our nails. Whether you have long or short fingers, nar... View Post
  • | Cheryl Lie

    5 Ways to Prioritise Yourself this Valentine's Day

    When was the last time you practised self-love as a habit? We're not talking about offering yourself some TLC once a year on your birthday. Self-love should be practised as a habit, for the more we love and care for ourselves, the easier it is for us to extend love and patience to others. This Va... View Post

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