| Kimberly Chan

Top 3 Reasons Why We Swear By Nail Wraps

There are many reasons why we love our nail wraps, be it convenience, ease to put on, but here are top 3 reasons to convert nail polish fanatics to make the switch.

But here are our top 3 reasons for you to give nail wraps a try!

*Note: Can be addictive!


1. No messy cuticles

Getting your polish on without touching your cuticles couldn’t be easier. Can't paint a straight line at the sides and keep getting polish all over the edges? Neither could we! 

In comes a packet of nail wraps to save the day, because they don’t touch your cuticles at all - and you don’t have to worry about messy fingers and cleaning up. You can even gently adjust the sticker if you’re not satisfied with the placement!



2. Achieving Palette nails

Want to get that Natural Palette look (or any colour palette look for that matter) but don’t want to spend money purchasing 4 different shades of nail polish bottles? We got you. Just one pack of nail wraps and you’ll be supplied with all the shades you need to get on that trending look in an instant.


Nude Pink Colour Chart


3. Creamy polish within one layer

What usually takes you 3 layers of nail polish to achieve a creamy, polished look with no translucent holes, now just requires 1 nail wrap to do the trick.

Say goodbye to waiting for multiple layers to dry and the many possible accidents you may have in between to make you restart the paint job!



We hope you are! Shop our Colour Chart series here.


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