| Sophia Ho

Lashes on Demand: Know-hows

We have put together some quick tips in order for you ladies to have a better head start when doing your lash application!

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Gently pull apart from either ends.

The shorter end should always align with the inner corner of the eye, if your set has a cat eye finish.

Side A: Lashes (showing on top of the magnetic band) will be attached the applicator's top magnets.
Side B: Smooth magnet will be the part that clamps onto your natural lashes

Both lashes should curl upwards and outwards.

Clamp gently and release applicator parallel to face to prevent lashes from being pulled outwards.

Trim to fit the width of your eyes better (DO NOT trim the magnets).

Additional: If you tend to have oily lids through the day and will like to wear your magnetic lashes out, do consider getting this lash essence to apply on your natural lashes (not the lash line) to extend the usage of them when you are out!

Remember, practice makes perfect!

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