| Cheryl Lie

7 Beauty Gifts We're Swooning Over

This year end, when so many of us all around the world are finding shopping an increasingly stressful affair, we're helping you round up our top beauty favourites which we've curated in our online Nodspark Marketplace. We've saved you the trouble of analysing the thousand items on beauty aisles (Haven't we all spent hours lost at beauty shops?!), so if you're hunting for a gift for the hard-to-shop-for best friend, we've done the homework for you!


Cellulite torments women of all shapes and sizes, and few are immune. Every woman would thus be grateful to find our Handmade Heroes Satsuma Orange Body Scrub (S$21.90) under their Christmas tree! As addictive as the whiff of coffee every morning, this award-winning Butt Kickin' Deep Detoxing coffee scrub is jam-packed with all-natural plant botanicals and extracts. We're obsessed -- it's a guaranteed mood-lifter in the shower!

Whoever said that Secret Santa presents should only be placed under the Christmas tree? Put up this adorable Handmade Heroes Lip Scrub & Mask (S$22.80) , and everyone will be wishing for one. For your sister-from-another-mother who has a sensational lippie collection, this duo will give her lips some much-needed TLC.

Our nails and cuticles are always thirsty for some extra love, and this Swedish Nava Nail Gel (S$40) is a must-have for anyone who's always decked out in a beautiful manicure. If their nails are in need of recovery from harsh nail gels, this unscented and preservative-free gel is nail-pampering-in-a-tube!


For your soul sister who shares your obsession with tip-top nails, our Cuticle-free Welcome Pack (S$58) is a winner. As one who's never seen without immaculate nails, she'd be grateful for this trio of wonder tools to keep her cuticles hydrated, healthy and happy! And because nothing compares to natural ingredients, Cutex balm's cuticle-softening superpowers are formulated with vitamins and plant botanicals such as apricot kernel oil and aloe barbadenis leaf juice. To double the Christmas glee, if she has always oohed and aahed at your charming nails, but never got down to trying us out, our Nodspark Welcome Pack (S$38) would make a perfect bundle! Together with our highly recommended Out The Door Topcoat, her first attempt at Nodspark is guaranteed to be an effortless one.

For your mother or best friend who is a beauty perfectionist, our Nodspark Lux Welcome Pack (S$86) is the complete Nodspark home starter kit. Never underestimate investing in the crème de la crème of nail care! Brittle and damaged nails are often the doing of harsh nail polish removers and corrosive polish, so we've curated the top of the range to keep nails as healthy as they should be.

None of us are immune to eyebrow woes. For many of us, they could be overplucked, or just far too sparse. If microblading is the last resort for you, what could keep your natural eyebrows lush, tidy and healthy -- and all without the use of excessive make-up? Our answer is the RevitaBrow® Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner Collection (S$174), which is fortified with the safest of non-irritating plant botanicals and vitamins to give you fuller and healthier brows! Together with a Micellar Water Lash Wash and our Hi-Def Brow Gel, we promise you -- these is a gift you'd not regret gifting yourself!


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