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Nodspark Nail Wraps — Beginner Tips

Starting something new is always daunting, but it always gets easier from there. As the saying goes, "Practice makes Perfect" — it goes the same for Nodspark's nail wraps.

To help ease your way into this DIY manicure, we've put together some simple steps and tips to get you started. Let's go!


Getting the right wrap size

To ensure a good fit of the nail wrap, choose a strip that is smaller than your nail bed. Don’t choose a strip that’s too fitted, as it tends to touch the side of your nail/ skin, which will cause the nail wrap to flap up from the sides.

*If you’re in between sizes, we’d say go for the smaller strip, or use a small scissors to cut the bigger strip down.



Application of the nail wrap

The goal is to adhere the sticker onto your nail without creating any air bubbles, and reducing the number of times to adjust the sticker position.

Place the sticker in the centre of your nail and press it down from the top, then going down the middle of the strip, vertically. Then slowly press down the sides of the wrap that is closer to the side of your nail.



Filing off excess nail wrap

To prevent any jagged-y edges of the wrap, place your nail file perpendicular to your nail, and file off the excess in a downward direction. Repeat the filing process until the excess strip falls off.



Seal the deal

Apply a layer of top coat to seal the sticker onto your nail.

Cover all bases by ensure the top coat goes over the entire nail wrap - the sides and the edge of your nail. 

You may use a normal quick dry top coat (do check out the list of top coats that work with our wraps here) or a gel top coat for a harder, shinier finish!

And you’re done!

Just another protip to note —

Do your nail wrap application after your shower at night, as it takes a few hours for the nail sticker to fully adhere onto your nail, so you don’t want the steamy hot water to undo all your hard work!


Start your Nodspark journey today!

If you’re new to the nail wrap game, fret not! We’re here to help you out.

Get Started with the NS Executive Welcome Kit, that comes with the whole package: nail wrap sets, a gel top coat and a UV lamp for curing. 

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