• Diamancel Foot Rasp File (Fine) - Step 2

Diamancel Foot Rasp File (Fine) - Step 2

  • $54.90

This pedicure tool is a fine grit finishing rasp. This foot care tool is ideal for removing dry and rough skin from the feet, small calluses or in finishing pedicure care.

To eliminate your calluses, first use the Foot Callus File (Coarse) on your dry feet, then finish with this Diamancel Foot Rasp, which will leave you feeling soft. This foot callus file is designed for small foot calluses.  

The Diamancel Foot Rasp is:

    • Easy & efficient to use
    • Hygienic- can be washed or sanitized
    • Safe to use- the edges of the files have a smooth finish
    • A money saver- durable for years and years because of the real diamond


Our foot files work better when they are cleaned. Use them on dry skin to obtain the best results. Wash them after each use with soapy water and a soft brush, then rinse with water.

Made in Canada