• [BO3 END MAY '24] Lazy Lashes' Starter Kit II

[BO3 END MAY '24] Lazy Lashes' Starter Kit II

  • $199.00
  • $250.00
  • - $51.00

This is a Back Order. Please purchase this lash set only if you are agreeable to the estimated waiting time. The stocks are estimated to come in end-May '24. If you have ordered this with other products, we will send out the whole order together. 

Experience the complete starter kit for you to nail you Lazy Lashes with maximum comfort and assurance that you have everything you'll need, and more. 

Featuring all the SIX lash styles, you'll get the best deal- no thinking required.

The updated Lazy Lashes Starter Kit II (UP. $250) includes- 

  1. Everyday Sparkle In Your Eyes Lazy Lashes x 1
  2. Everyday Neat Chic x 1
  3. Everyday Bare Beauty x 1
  4. Dinner Twilight Charm x 1
  5. Dinner Bold Aura x 1
  6. Dinner Flutter You Up x 1
  7. Beauty Tweezer x 1
  8. Pocket Mirror x 1
  9. Make-Up Remove x 1
  10. Beauty Wardrobe x 1

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