| Cheryl Lie

Nodspark's Makeover!

We're thrilled to have unveiled our revamped website. Let us show you around... 

The magic of Nodspark is really in our lovely community of Nodspark Addicts, and that's why we started a Blog Page to feature organic customers like you! In case you missed it, here are how some 7 ladies manage several hats, and still look amazing! 

Reading Product Reviews about why Nodspark is a godsend to so many of you is something we don't want hidden away in our site, so you can find them on our homepage. Check it out below! 


If you're a new Nodspark convert, don't skip our Instructional Guide on how to make sure you can achieve mileage from your nail wraps. We've also listed the Best Top Coat Brands compatible with Nodspark!


Have you been camping out on our site, waiting to get your hands on our most popular designs? Don't miss our latest Back in Stock page, which also allows you to join our waitlist so that we may notify you soonest!


As always, we love hearing from you, so please let us know what else you'd love to see on our improved site!

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