Fine Botanical Overlay (NS x ND)

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  • $16.50
  • - $4.00


Whether you're wearing solid colours on your nails or going au naturel with a blank slate, our Botanical Overlay is one subtle way to add elegance and style. With these delicate, leafy vines framing your fingertips, you can now enjoy cute nails without the hassle!

An Unlikely Collaboration (Nodspark x Nail Deck): What most people see as an unlikely pairing and a possible competition, we see as a common ground to help you achieve beautiful nail art! Complementary as it is cohesive, we bring you 8 x gorgeous Fall-inspired nail polish colours, coupled with 3 x Nodspark Designer Overlays to get maximum usage of both polish and wraps!

Check out these NS x ND peel-off gel polishes that you can apply beneath our overlay nail wraps! Without a need for a special base or top coat, Light Lacquer's Peel-Off Nail Polish applies just like your regular nail polish! It dries and shines like Gel after curing with the UV LED lamp.



*Please note that colours on screen may vary due to the lighting and colour resolution of different screens

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