• MLBB Lash Adhesive Pen Bundle
  • MLBB Lash Adhesive Pen Bundle

MLBB Lash Adhesive Pen Bundle

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Create looks for any occasion with our Lash Adhesive Pen Bundle! Enjoy natural beauty with the clear liner, or up the drama with the a bold black. Get the perfect lash look for any event with this best deal!

Directions for use:

- Shake the adhesive pen well before use.

Step 1: Draw a thin line along your upper lash line, making sure to get as close to your natural lash line as possible.
Step 2: Place the false lashes on immediately so as to prevent the adhesive liner from drying out
Step 3: Press the false lashes down to secure its position on the adhesive liner


After removing your false lashes, ensure to use a makeup remover to clean the adhesive liner from your lash line

Remember to store your eyeliner glue pen in a cool, dry place and keep it tightly capped when not in use to prevent the formula from drying out.