• Rui Smiths Cuticle Nipper
  • Rui Smiths Cuticle Nipper
Rui Smiths

Rui Smiths Cuticle Nipper

From the world’s nail care capital, these chrome-plated, carbon steel cuticle nippers are great for first-timers and home users. Also highly sought-after by professional nail technicians, beauticians and manicurists seeking that flawless manicure and pedicure.


Apply cuticle remover or soak hands in water to soften the cuticles. Gently push back cuticles with a Rui Smiths cuticle pusher. Gently clip cuticles off with care. Wipe the cutting blades and replace the protective cap after each use. Do not drop, hit or modify the nippers.

If you’re new to cuticle nippers, you may also check out this blog for guides on how to use and care for them!

A dependable tool to address your hangnail or ingrown toenail, the ultra-thin, super strong cutting jaws also makes it a snap to extract small pieces of dead skin and nails. Finish with our Nava Nail Gel to maintain or repair nail and cuticle health. 


  • Carbon Steel
  • Lap Joint
  • Double Spring | Full Jaw (6mm)

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    About RUI SMITHS They are passionate about finding great tools that do great work. They scour the world to bring you tools to make your life easier.  The Rui Smiths vision is now your reality. Their manufacturing and design history dates back more than 25 years, and has its beginnings in German techniques.

    Rui (pronounced ‘ray’) means sharp, keen, rapid, a strong fighting spirit and a vigorous nature. It represents the intense sharpness of the blades and cutting edges that are produced by their craftsmen and smiths.

    Rui Smiths symbolises their quest to champion the most precise and keen tools for all your nail-beauty needs.