A Little Party Overlay (NS x ND)

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A perfect balance between minimal and glam, this geometric set features a sparkly pop of champagne that will enhance any base colour or even your bare nails. Fuss-free and stylish nails? Yes please!

An Unlikely Collaboration (Nodspark x Nail Deck): What most people see as an unlikely pairing and a possible competition, we see as a common ground to help you achieve beautiful nail art! Complementary as it is cohesive, we bring you 8 x gorgeous Fall-inspired nail polish colours, coupled with 3 x Nodspark Designer Overlays to get maximum usage of both polish and wraps!

Check out these NS x ND peel-off gel polishes that you can apply beneath our overlay nail wraps! Without a need for a special base or top coat, Light Lacquer's Peel-Off Nail Polish applies just like your regular nail polish! It dries and shines like Gel after curing with the UV LED lamp.


*Please note that colours on screen may vary due to the lighting and colour resolution of different screens

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