• Reusable Nano Glass File
  • Reusable Nano Glass File
  • Reusable Nano Glass File

Reusable Nano Glass File

  • $25.00

Welcoming a more sustainable way of filing your nail wraps: In efforts to reduce one-use files, we have made these nano crystal glass files for longevity. All you need to do after each use is to wash it down with soap and you're good to keep using it for a long time to come.
We have made 2 colours in a pack so that you could use one for your nails, and the other, perhaps, for your toes! These nano crystal glass files are perfect for the use on babies too as their nails are very brittle and you might not want to use sharp blades around them. Moving forward, each order (or every 3 sets of Nodspark purchased) will come with 1 set of disposable files to reduce wastage.

Directions: File in one direction (downwards) to desired length and shape. Wash file with soap and water after each use. Store it back into its casing after drying.

Quantity: 2 pcs
Material: Nanometer glass
Size: 12 x 110 x 3mm per file
Weight: 10g per file

  • Safe material
  • Pregnancy-safe
  • Washable
  • Multi-functional