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Celebrating Nodspark Women Part 2

A continuation from our International Women’s Day feature, we invited our Nodspark community to share peeks of their lives, and how Nodspark fits perfect in their busy schedules. Here are 4 amazing ladies... 

Co-founder of multi-label boutique, En Pointe & Co., wife, mother of three, and style maven, Dahlia Mohd (@dahliamohd) wears several hats, and we love how she makes style look so effortless. Here are some of her style tips…

(Feature nails: Festive Sheens)

How did life lead you to a career in fashion?

I have always been interested in fashion. Growing up in the 80s/90s, my mother was my fashion inspiration. It was an exciting time when women were going to work in droves, carving careers for themselves and with more money in their pockets, they splurged on clothes, makeup, accessories…the works! I remember my mom would get her hair blow dried every morning before going to work and wore the most beautiful suits. She had matching handbags, shoes, accessories and I found it absolutely liberating and powerful to see a woman fully in control of her self-image. So I grew up being very conscious of how I present myself to the world through clothes and fashion.

Ironically, I did a degree in Business Management majoring in Finance and Law, spent 7 years in Finance and Investment Management- totally unrelated to fashion. But I made sure I dressed up everyday to work; I had a co-worker remarked that he hasn’t seen me in the same outfit for a year!

When I moved to Kuala Lumpur to be with my husband, that’s when I was exposed to Malaysian designer fashion and I was hooked. I knew that there was a gap in the Singapore market for it and I just had to start En Pointe & Co. to give my favourite Malaysian labels a home here in Singapore.


As a busy wife, mother and entrepreneur, how do you find time for self-care?

I think it’s all about perception. A lot of moms feel “mom guilt” every time they do something not “child related”. But you can’t live your life entirely around your children and run empty as a result. For me, I found that I function best when I have time to pursue my own interests: starting my own business, having my own social circle of friends, taking care of myself by going to the gym, pampering myself over a manicure, etc. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup. With 3 kids, I need to make sure my cup runneth over!


Tips for mixing and matching your outfit colors or motifs?  

The best way to educate yourself is exposure -- read magazines, learn about aesthetics, understand your body type. I find that colours don’t always have to be matchy-matchy or too complimentary; as Long as they don’t clash, it makes for an interesting combination. For prints, if you are going for the same colour scheme: say pinks, you can match pink-on-pink prints but just make sure the prints are of different sizes.

Our style choices tell powerful stories of who we are. When you notice my nails, you would think…

I am always looking for an interesting conversation.

Which nail wrap is your classic favourite of all time?

Bold and gold – a polished and beautiful design.



The best things that women can do for themselves is to prioritise taking care of themselves, and to keep their "me time" sacred. Tiffany Wee, a mother of two, shares more about how she keeps sane amidst it all. Read on to find out what she does for self-care.

As a busy mom, what is absolutely necessary to maintain your sanity?

Finding some time during the week to do things without the kids, like exercise, meeting friends for coffee / breakfast / lunch and errands (or shopping)


When and how did you start feeling most confident n comfortable with your own skin?

Probably in my mid-twenties, after I started working, got married and settled down. I recognise that I shouldn't need to care so much about what people think of me or need validation for my actions, thanks to having a supportive family unit and friends who are positive and confident of themselves as well.

(Feature nails: Maude, a collaboration with Some Days At Home by Melissa C Koh)

What's your earliest memories of painting your nails?

I remember playing with my mother's nail polish stash in secondary school. Painting my own nails was not an easy feat and it looked pretty messy, with one hand's nails visibly messier than the other. But I sure felt happy looking at my colourful, glittery nails!

When people notice my nails, they think...

"Wow, nice nails! Wait, what, you did them by yourself and at home?" And when they hear that it only takes 10 minutes, they're pretty amazed. Thanks to Nodspark!

My absolute favourite Nodspark design:

It's so difficult to pick, which explains why i have a stash of various designs at home. My current favourite is Peony Art, as peonies are my favourite flower.


Fannie Chua (@fanniechua) is very much like the bold silhouettes of her sustainable fashion label, David's Daughter. A glowing mum-to-be, Fannie shares how Nodspark helps her make a statement. 
Tell us about your clothing brand. How did you get into fashion?

My label is called David’s Daughter. I took a diploma course in sewing under these two sisters in their 50s and what started out as a hobby became something more.

Whose style inspires you most? 

I don’t have a go-to person for that. My personal style is a little more influenced by music and the hip hop genre; my label however aims to do two things for women: have them stand out in the crowd and at the same time, be really comfortable in their own skin.

How would you describe your philosophy on beauty? 

True beauty radiates from within. It’s the one that lasts BUT you need to keep up the exterior too and that’s when light makeup and beautifying your nails with Nodspark’s nail strips won’t hurt.

If I could design my own nail wrap, mine would be..

ALL THAT GLITTERS IS CHROME! Haha chrome gold nail strips for me. 

Which nail wrap is your classic favourite of all time?

I like Nodspark’s all-white nail strips. White tends to go with everything and though it’s a simple colour, it has a statement quality to it. I’m all about statements.


Shirlynn is an undergraduate who is a sweet fan of our Nodspark nail wraps. Passionate about working with young children, it is her dream to start a pre-school centre one day. Read on to find out more about her beauty philosophy.

When do you feel most beautiful?

I feel the most beautiful when I am rejuvenated from a 12-hour long slumber.

What are your top 3 everyday beauty products? 

Toner, moisturizer and brow pencil! Brows always make me look more awake!

Which Nodspark nail wrap always draws you compliments? 

Any! Every time I have my nails done, my friends would ask me where I did them. It amazes them that they are nail wraps!


Whose style inspires you most? 

I don’t follow a particular person for style inspiration but I love simple prints and earth and pastel tones!


If you could design your own Nodspark wrap, you would create one inspired by... 

Porcelain prints! I’ve always admired the intricate patterns and designs. I think it would look good on nail wraps.

Thank you ladies! xoxo

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